Infant Son’s taken by Heartless mother

Son slaughtered by her own mother at the very young age. They were two brothers and one of them was brutally slaughtered by her own mother. It was the incident of one of famous city of Spain where mother did it and tried to hide dead body in graveyard.

According to reports, she did the same and went in the graveyard where she buried her own son bravely. After finishing the whole task, she returned to her own home and people were amazed to see her in full of blood. People noticed each and everything and called to police and told the whole matter.

Then she did not go in the home but diverted into church where she started to shout as she was not a normal human. According to her, somebody had occupied on her and she could not do according to her own will.

After it, police was also reached there and was hearing her own conversation. It was very interesting as she had not control over her but she could speak without demons’ will. It was the point which arose in the church and police arrested her and put her behind the bar.

Police also went in the graveyard and collected sharp thing from there. By using that object, she cut her son’s throat. She was now behind the bar and waiting for her fate. Police had started investigation by its own way and results were going against the women as she deliberately planned everything just to slaughter her son.

British Mother Becomes Risk of Life for Son

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