Inhuman Mother Shows Shocking Act with Infant Son

Mother takes life of infant son in one of famous city of Spain. According to reports, she took her son in the graveyard where she slaughtered him with a sharp object. She cut his throat brutally and caste his dead body in the graveyard. After finishing his life, she returned not to her home but in one of famous church to get protection from any charges.

After getting in the church, she started to cry as she had something inside her. People started to notice her when she started to cry. She was also noticed as her clothes were full of blemishes of blood. There were also some other news about this incident as when she returned to home after slaughtering her son, people saw her in blood.


When people saw her in suspicious dress as her whole dress was full of blood. They did not wait anything else and called to territorial police for this event. She did not wait further and went in the church for getting protection. She also arranged another plan when she started to cry as something like demons were in her.

According to reports, she was a mother of two children and also had some problem of psychiatric. Police arrested her from church and took her in the police station. Police also found sharp object from graveyard where she slaughtered to her beloved son. Some people also named it planning as she was not the real mother of that son.

On the other hand, some people also said it may be the result of demons as they could be done anything from the person in which they entered. Police had registered the case and started to investigation to know the exact reason of slaughtering her son. Police would definitely investigate on logics and if she would be responsible she would be punished at all.

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