ISIS Extremists Sells Muslim Females. Leaked Video

ISIS Extremists are known as the worst example of human behavior in recent times. It is not included in Islam to buy girls for their personal desired and named it as it is coded in Islam. Islam does not allow to its followers to disrespect to girls openly for their own unfair satisfaction. Actually in the last few years, some illegal forces in Middle East have started to devastate the concept of Islam horribly which is not acceptable.

According to Islamic ways, when Prophet Muhammad asked to use the females which are got after winning the battles, it was another scenario and all were not Muslims and they won them after fighting a war against non-Muslims. They were then considered their accrued and they were also responsible for her livelihood and many other things.

So when we talks about these Muslim-shaped non-Muslims who have become the reason of shame and disgrace of all Muslims, they are not using any way which was asked by the Prophet and Allah. They are decorating the ground by massacring the people even they are non-Muslim but not ordered in Quran to massacre in this way.

They are attacking on those people who are already without any offense and requesting for their lives but they are not listening their requests. Talking about the Syria, hundreds and thousands of people have been migrated to other countries due to tyrant activities of these so call Muslims. Many of them also drowned in the sea while migrating from Syria to other countries.

They have set bad examples of tyrant and oppressor activities in that arena. Non-Muslims also started to say as Muslims have no right to stay in this world as per seeing the oppression on internet which they uploaded after making video. Muslims are also negating their activities which they are attributing to Islam and Quran.

ISIS fighters purchasing Females

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