Islamic Teachings Lecture of Muslim Girl Amuses People

Fatima Saleem has gained tremendous fame in the world for her knowledge in Islamic teachings at young age. She recites Quran and delivers religious lectures at different gatherings all over the country. Not only the Muslims, followers of other religious thoughts also respect and listen to her speeches. Fatima praises her religion in the public and talks about Quran with great authority.

Several times, speaking on Quran in the Islamic teachings speaking forums, she has amused Muslims. She defends the rulings of Islam in a very authentic manner that sometimes, even renowned religious speakers cannot answer her. Fatima took part in many public speaking contests and won many prizes.

Fatima studies at Islamic International School (IIS) in Mumbai. She is learning the Islamic teachings methods from a famous Muslim Scholar, Dr Zakir Niak. Her most of the speeches in the public gatherings also gives a feeling of his teachings.

In one of her Islamic teachings lectures on TV, talking to the Muslims in the lecture hall, Fatima praised Islam in a very beautiful way. She gave authentic references from Quran on how one can save his Iman from the Evils. Her lecture on the topic was a complete guidance and a passage for Muslims to live on.

Fatima has emerged as a great Muslim speaker in this young age. Many people predict that she will be a great scholar in the days to come. A child like Fatima is a pride of Islam and guidance for Muslim parents, how to raise their children. Muslim children should be given equal chances of learning Islamic teachings along with modern education.

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