Israeli Inhuman activities increases in Ramadan

Everybody knows very well about the bully activities of Israeli forces against Palestine. They are doing it for many years and every coming year is proved much aggressive for Palestine than every passing year. They are increasing their tyrant activities against Palestinians.

Now they have started to target little children since last year. They have started to bury them alive in the graves. Some reports tell as they again have started to repeat the practice of burying children. They also did in the last year in the month of Ramadan.

Two years later, they attacked on Palestine in which hundreds of Palestinians were died and thousands were got serious bruises. Palestinians are with empty handed. They have not such artillery as Israeli forces have. They are still fighting against Israeli forces and not letting them to come in their houses.

Actually, there is a problem in Muslim as they are not united. Muslims have started to fight against each other. The example of Syria and Lebanon is in front of you as both countries have been devastated badly. All Muslim countries need to be sat together if they want to proper solution of Muslim Ummah.

Otherwise, infidel powers have been united to perish Islamic countries. They are planning against Muslim countries and they have also been successful in it after seeing the present condition of Syria and other Middle East countries. If we are not united we would be no more in the rest of the world. The Muslim world will have to wake very soon to save Muslim children.

Muslim Children

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