Life becomes Miserable for Palestinian Muslims

Another act of inhuman behavior with Muslim lady shows how live has become miserable for Palestinian Muslims. It was not the first act of such kind that someone was treated like that in Palestine for being Muslims. Every other day, Muslims are slaughtered in streets and no one in the world can see it.

Since many years, the unsettled area of Palestine has become center of problem but no one in the world has given any importance. Rulers all over the world have never taken any notice on inhuman acts of Israeli forces against the Palestinian Muslims. Not only non- Muslim but the Muslim leaders have also shown similar kind of attitude.


Day by day the life of Palestinian Muslims has become difficult and more difficult. International media highlights ISIS and other extremist organization which are working against west. They were given and funded by the west as well. On the other hand, life in Palestine has no importance for the media. Even some channels do not like to air any news about innocent Muslims getting torment every day.

Sometimes news about the Palestinian Muslims comes on social media through some channels. Usually, world never becomes aware of what’s happening inside Palestine in real. War crimes of Saddam Hussain and Qaddafi get media attention. On the other hand, similar things are appreciated by Israeli forces done with Muslims.

Media cannot feel pain for Muslims in Palestine because west has no interest liked to them. Media only shouts when Western interests are in danger. For sure, media also knows that If Palestinian Muslims gets independence; there will be no Israel on map.

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