Lion Hunters Escapes Attack closely in London

Eagle hunters escape bird attack very closely but they had to face legal charges in London. Illegal hunting gang at the Wildlife Park was caught due to that small attack on the hunters. They went to a hospital for medical treatment and were arrested by the police.

British police was trying to catch the eagle hunters in London since last few months. According to details given to media by police, the gang was involved in catching the birds from Wildlife Park. Many reports of birds being transported out of country illegally were received in past few months. British police had caught many birds but was not able to catch the criminals.


Some endangered Birds were stopped at London airport while trying to transport to an Arab country. It was told by the police officials that the eagle hunters were getting huge amounts from Arab countries to catch endangered birds from Wildlife Park. These birds are later used in different activities in Arab countries.

British police has not only arrested eagle hunters from London Hospital but has busted entire racket behind birds trafficking. The Eagle’s population at the British Wildlife Park was in serious danger because of that gang. Several birds and other precious animals were transported out of England in past as well.

Wildlife Park in London has done a remarkable job in saving some very rare animals and birds. Even some creatures were facing danger of getting disappear from world forever. Wildlife parks all over the world are formed to save such species of birds and animals. However, criminals like eagle hunters do not care for cause of nature in curse of money.

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