London Collages becomes unsafe for Pakistani Students

Most of country’s leading London Collages have become a center of unethical activities for Pakistani Students. The new generation of Pakistan instead emphasizing on education have become fond of wasting time in extracurricular activities.

Due to lack of attention towards education and involvement in other things, success rate in Pakistani Students have become dangerously down. London Collages and pother educational intuitions have become business centers instead of providing quality studies to boys and girls. Private educational institutions charges huge fee from parents but in response do not emphasis on giving quality result.

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Not only London Collages are responsible for the drastic results of Pakistani Students. Several other elements including parents and media have also played a big part in destroying education of Pakistani children. Parents neglected children and their studies getting involved into other things in life. Sending children to educational institutions and paying huge fees they forget that children also need attention and most part of studies must be monitored by them at home.

Pakistani media has started showing unethical things which has badly affected the ethical education of Pakistani Students. Whatever children learn in London Collages it gets lost into minds when they watch glamour and other things in media. Instead of helping the society to build a healthy environment, media houses have destroyed the efforts made already.

Ministry of Education will have to make and implement static rules and regulations for all educational institutions. Pakistani Students need unguent help and attention by parents and all the concerned authorities. For the sake of future of nation’s youth, London Collages all over country will have to implement strict rules inside campus.

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