Mahnoor Baloch again revives to her age

Everybody knows to Mahnoor Balcoh and her refusing age quality. She comes in Showbiz Industry late in 90s and still is taken as heroin against youngsters amazingly. It seems as she had beaten to age barrier astonishingly. She always calls as forever young actresses in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. This 46-year-old actress has just uploaded her recently trip’s pictures on her Instagram that are marvelous.

She was on her holiday trips in Greece when she shot for these pictures without any makeup obviously. When you would see the given pictures you would definitely start to gasp for air. She was among those models and actresses who have passed their much time in Pakistani Showbiz Industry but she is only one which looks like 23 years before when she made her debut.


It is very clear as she has spent more than 23 years in Pakistani Drama Industry and modeling. People always ask about the secret of her age and she answer simple she knows how she can be happy. Happiness is the main source to be seen as young by Mahnoor Baloch and it is the answer which is given by her most of the time.

One of her admirers dedicate this thing to her as if anyone in this world who have right to sing this song of Hafeez Jalandhari like Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon, she is the only one for saying this. According to him, she would have complete confidence in herself while singing this song otherwise no one can suit for this anymore.

Talking about her film career, she was last seen in her movie named Main Hoon Sahid Afridi in 2013. She has also got achievement to work in Hollywood Industry and made her movie with the name of Torn. I think she would be the only one who has got this opportunity.

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