Man disrespects to Air Hostess in plane

Man disrespects to Air hostess in plane when he was travelling to Dubai from Pakistan. He was looking illiterate when Air Hostess pointed out him to her security team. According to report, he was started to make videos of air hostess when he passed from him. She also asked him to stop it but he could not understand her.

It was really panic for her as other people were also seeing him to make her video. There were many people who were also travelling to Dubai and got the plane from Lahore. When she noticed as he would never stop to make video of her, she told to security team of plane. The manager of security team was came there and asked him to show his identity.

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He got little bit nervous but remained firm in his body language. He asked the reason as why he was demanding from him the identity. He told as he had got complaint as you are making videos of air hostess in the plane. He refused totally and said it is disinformation. So, he warned him as he would definitely get sentence if he would find again to do this.

However, passenger against asked him as he was not doing anything else as security office of plane was blaming on him. Passenger was totally deviated from his actions and said he did not know anything else regarding making video of anybody. However, he again warned him and went away in the cockpit of plane.

It was really insulting as a whole for the whole nation as how Pakistani behaves when they travel internationally. There would be definitely passenger who would not have belonged to Pakistan and they definitely would have gotten bad impression of Pakistani people. Talking about air hostess, she was right in her objection as he was really making video of her in the plane.

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