Man lost his life by Shark Attack

According to reports probably 70-100 people become victim of shark every year and about 5-15 people get died by the attack. Most likely it is said as it is impossible to calculate the actual loss and also seems somewhat impossible to cover all the incidents which occurred after shark attack all around the world.

Talking about developing countries, it always looks impossible to get very right information of this matter. Occasionally, the real figures remain unseen from those ones who like to bath in seashore.  They did not get because of not sharing the reports publically. However the rates of death due to shark attack have become very high.

However in recent statistics, it clears as the death ratio has become very low due to shark attack rather than past. There are some organizations that are trying their best to educate people regarding this matter and are providing appropriate guidance plan to bath at seashore. So by using these following steps the ratio of casualties has become very low fortunately.

On the contrary, the arrival of emergency team at time is remarkable and considers as the major support to save the victim who gets proper medical treatment in time. Some people report about shark attacks and say as it mostly occur near seashore water. Prominently sharks find where the sandbar is found.

Given video is about shark attack on seashore. One man was bathing and playing with the friends and abruptly he was caught by a giant sea animal named shark. Her attack was too fast to rescue him and everybody looked feeble for his saving.

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