Maulvi caught Misbehaving with Madrasa Children

One of fake peers is caught when he tried to misbehave with one of women who come to him for his spiritual ailment. It was the region of District Sahiwal, one of famous city of Pakistan in which one fake peer was running his business with full pace.

He was having very good income on daily basis as numbers of female have started to come to him to share their problems with him. Actually, it is the stark reality when it talks about the fake peer as their victims are mostly found in female genders.


They also have intention to target women as they have less power to judge the people especially to peer. Fake peers also consume less effort to fool women rather than men. They have the ability to attract females by some different methods and they also succeeded.

It is also right as all people cannot drive with the same stick and the same matter happens in this city when one woman comes to him to share her problems to fake peer. She was sharing her problems with him as taking him very pious man. However, she got him as early as he was not right man to tell anything personal.

Actually when she started to share the problem she feels some problems with him. Fake peer took her as a normal and simple woman as she would remain silent if he did anything else with her but he was wrong. He at once became peer and touched her body without asking her.

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