Mexico Bull Fight Amazes People

Mexico is famous for bull fights and horse rides in almost every part of the world. People from all regions of the globe take interest in such thrilling activities like bull fights. A lady in Mexico showed her unbelievable skill and courage against a raging bull and earned a huge applause from the crowd.

Usually people become afraid of bull fights and in Mexico the lovers of this challenging game come to witness incredible scenes in an arena. This was the same thrilling bull fight in which a lady won the hearts of the crowd with her impressive prowess.


She showed her courage by jumping over the deadly horns of the bull and landed on its neck with her hands on the rope wrapped on the back of bull. The bull started to jump angrily to put down the lady.

The crowd in this arena in Mexico went crazy when they saw a wonderful contest going on between the raging bull and the confident lady. The bull jumped in all directions to get rid of the lady from its back but failed to succeed.

On the other hand, the lady kept a firm position on bull’s back and did not lose her balance at any point of this fight. She remained stick to the rope to avoid getting fallen on the ground. After a considerable time, another expert lady came into the arena and hold the tail of the bull to slow down the bull.

Thousands of people witnessed this superb fight in this arena in Mexico where the lady proved that women can also do such activities which are generally associated with the men.

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