Miracle Animal Amuses Public in Cattle Market

Other than pious and Nobel men and women, there are ten special animals who will also go in to paradise on the judgment day. Allah told us about those animals in Quran in different places. They were given the right to enter Jannah because they act upon the orders of their Lord Almighty in their life in this world.

An Islamic Scholar was telling the people about those blessed special animals in his lecture last Friday. He was delivering his speech in a mosque during the Friday prayers in the holy month of Ramadan. The scholar was trying to tell people how they can enter Paradise with the will of Allah in their Life to come.

The Islamic scholar said that if those ten special animals can act on the orders of Allah, than how a man can disobey His orders. Paradise is made only for those who act upon Quran and sauna in this life. There is no excuse for anyone in this life. If someone lives with a view to earn success in the life to come, he will be defiantly awarded in that life.

Allah has promised every human that he will enter into paradise only if he will act according to his will. Now we have a path given to live in the shape of Quran. That’s what the Islamic scholar was trying to tell people while giving the example of those ten special animals.

Those ten special animals did not do anything extraordinary or something different. They only spent their life on the will of Allah in this world. This was the reason that they were given the right to enter into paradise.

Miracle Bull in Karachi Cattle Market

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