Morning show actress exposes with her real face

One Morning Show Actress exposes with her real face when she was found busy in smoking on live camera. Actually it was the time of break during the live morning show. She could not have patience and started to smoke.

In the meantime, the camera was on and it recorded the all scenes of smoking of one of famous actress of Pakistan named Zainab Qayyum. She did not know completely as her footage had been recorded in the camera and it can create problem in near future.

Actually we should leave these double standards if we want to succeed in our lives. When people see these Pakistani actresses it seems as they are very noble and pious and nobody can beat them in this sector but off the camera, they have their other faces to show.

After getting viral this video, fans of Zainab Qayyum are also annoyed from her due to cheap side of her life. They were thought her as such a pious as she used to talk with the people in the shows.

There is also another actress who comes in morning show; she also has the same exposure of her personal life. According to resources, she did not behave polite with her subordinates and people do not like her but on the screen she also behaves as she is too good.

Unseen Video of Zainab Qayyum

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