Mosque in Kasoor with paranormal activities

One of TV channel reported about one of famous mosque in one of villages near to Kasoor. It is situation in Ranpur village which definitely seems like normal mosques but there are some stories about which do not let it to be treated as normal mosque. According to many people, they claim as they have noticed paranormal activities in this mosque.

It is also stated as it is one of old mosques in Pakistan and according to some people; this mosque is about 600 years ago. They further illustrated as it was not build by any human being as it was imported from somewhere by Jinnat. It was definitely not possible for a man to do it but it was possible for a Jin who has some extraordinary powers apparently.


According to one old man who shared the whole story as some group of religious scholar migrated to this place and one of them ordered to one Jin to bring the mosque here. According to the story, he was the leader of all religious scholars who ordered to one of his Jins and he obeyed the order as well.

It is also said as the people of villages could not dare to offer prayer in this mosque for long period. Then it was decided to populate this mosque by offering prayer in this mosque. So they arranged for one religious one who started to offer prayer regularly.  However, one problem is still attached to this mosque after offering the prayer in this mosque.

They still do not go in the night to offer prayer as they face problems when they go in the mosque at night. They offer all four prayers there but did not offer prayer Esha in this mosque. According to local community, they have claimed to see some paranormal activities at night in the mosque.

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