Mosque of Taif constructed by Prophet (PBUH)

Recently we are showing some footage of Mosque related to Prophet (PBUH). It became very popular in the social media when it got the relevancy with Muhammad (PBUH). It was built by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and situated on the holy land yet in its original shape as was in the age of Prophet.

The building of Mosque that was built by Prophet (PBUH) is facing some breakages with the passage of time. The guardians of the Mosque did not seem interested in this matter. Nobody knows why they are taking this risk. Off course, such places are assets of Muslims of entire world.

Muslims come to Holy land for Umra and Hajj and especially visit this historical mosque. They offer prayers here in the prayer hall due to affiliation of Muhammad (SAW). Affiliation of the place of Mosque is also important as non-Muslims had planned to attack on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at this place.

However they try to attack on Prophet (PBUH) and they threw very big stone on the mosque. They all get worried and surprised. The stone had no power to move without the will of Allah. Allah ordered that stone not to move. So it kept motionless there.

Today, Mosque is there and Muslims go there to see the sight of the Mosque as Muhammad (SAW) has spent time in that mosque. We respect each and everything that is directly and indirectly attached to the Prophet (PBUH) and it should be respected by every Muslim around the world.


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