Muslim female disregards to France President

Muslim female disregards to France President at time when he comes in one of important conference. He never expected this which was happened to him. Actually he was the man who put restriction over veil of Muslim women. Muslim women also protest against the decision but in vain.

So that brave woman decided to take action against him in another way. Veil has too much importance in the religion Islam. There are multiple sayings about veil from Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslim female could not be completed without veil. Muslim woman took it main part of their lives.

They also recorded their protest against the decision but in vain. So woman got him in one of conference room and she decided to teach him a lesson. She picked some powder like material in her hand and forwarded to him on the stage. He did not have any idea about this kind of disrespect.

She did not wait anything and climbed up on stage pour all powder on him. He was totally turned from his real color to white. His whole appearance had been changed. He remained stood there and did not move even a single step.

Security team members rushed toward that female and seized badly. She did not make any resistance against her arresting. She had got successful in her mission. When the asked the reason for all this, she told them as she did it as he had put restriction on veil without any genuine reason.

French President Gets Treatment from Muslim lady

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