Om Puri Gives Strong Lesson in Live TV Show

Bollywood industry produced a lot of legendary actors and Om Puri is one of them. He is a strong advocate of art and doesn’t want that border lines of different countries interrupt the flow of art. That’s why he is against banning Pakistani actors from Bollywood industry and he went against the opinion of the TV host in a live show.

Om Puri has been working in the Bollywood industry for many decades and is known as a legendary actor. He not only worked in Hindi movies but also showed his prowess in Hollywood as well.

However, it has become Indian norm that whatever happens that is not good for society, they put blame on Pakistan for that happening and start believing it without even giving a second thought to the ground realities.

This attitude has become a major hurdle between the development of positive relationship between both neighbouring countries. And it will eventually ruin the progress of both countries because both are atomic powers.

However, Om Puri gave a strong message that there should not be any sort of hindrance when it comes to the showbiz field. He said that it is not appropriate in any way whatsoever and his opinion made the host of the live show quite angry.

Om Puri Bashing Indian Anchor

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