One horrible dream shared by Tariq Jameel

There is nobody in this country who would have not known with the name of Maulana Tariq Jameel. He was a student of medial when he left for preaching of Islam and donated his whole life for it. He also got punishment from his father when he left his training from medical college.

People from all around the world love to hear him. He never does his publicity for his Islamic lecture but people are gathered there to hear him. He has charisma in his personality that attracts people towards him. He never forced people to sit to hear him people come themselves and never got bore.


In his given video he is sharing one of his dream in which he saw very dreadful scenes. According to him, he was frightened badly and could not sleep again. He saw hell in which people were falling one by one. According to him, people who were falling in the hell, most of them had no beard on their faces.

He told to all of them with excuse as he was not blaming to those who have not beard. He said people were long and big mustache. He further added as most of them who were used to wear trousers and shirts in their lives in the world.

The only purpose to share his dream was just to beware to those who were hearing his Islamic lecture. According to him, he was unable to speak after watching the man who had their bellies of very big sized with prolonged heights. So we should all act on the preaching of Islam without excuses.

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