Pakistani Students face difficulties in London Collages

It was noticed that female Pakistani Students of London Collages have not been given the right education which was due to them. The education given to the girls has become a separate issue but in having seen a recent video on the internet, one can only say that things have become very bad.

Female Pakistani Students are treated very unethically in London Collages these days. Sometimes, the Pakistani Female Students are not given the education and are used for personal work of teachers. It has commonly seen in the remote areas of Punjab that teachers take wrong benefit of the Pakistani Female Students. Parents are mostly unaware of the situation of the schools in Punjab. Teachers are giving punishment to the Female Students very unethically.

Mostly female Pakistani Students studying in the London Collages in lower grades are asked to do teacher’s work instead of studding at the school. School teachers in Punjab are mostly not qualified as per requirement. Mostly teachers are hired on political basis. Like every other profession, school jobs are also sold in Punjab as well.

Teachers are given undue promotions on political basis mostly. In such condition the suffering party only remains the female Pakistani Students in the London Collages. The standard of education has become alarmingly below the required line. The educational department has been under immense pressure of the political powers in Punjab.

Someone will have to take the responsibility of all these conditions. The future of education for females has become very dark. There has been urgent requirement of taking some positive measures. London Collages have become a dark well for the female Pakistani Students.

Pakistani Female Students in London

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