Palestinian Muslims Becomes example of Misery

Life has been always difficult for Palestinian Muslims but recent examples have made them worst example of Misery. The world has totally forgotten the miserable life and Palestine for Muslims. On the other hand if a single non-Muslim suffers anywhere in the world, it become a global issue for everyone.

Over the years the conflict of Israel and Palestine has not been able to resolve because of several reasons. There are many issues in the world without having any importance gets attention of western media. On the other hand, the media overlooks the problems of Palestinian Muslims. For them covering games and entertainment becomes more important.

In the past few decades, Palestinian Muslims have suffered more than any other nation in the world. Similarly the war crimes of Israeli forces have increased more in Palestine than anywhere in the world. The human rights organizations of world are astonishingly quite in these terms. Media does not have any problem with the problems of Innocent Muslims.

On the other hand, if any non-Muslims get a small problem in Palestine because of Muslims, it becomes a global issue. Voice of Palestinian Muslims does not reach to ears but disappears in many others. Western super powers are never interested to solve the issues of Muslims. They have a very clear Idea that independence of Muslims means loss of power fro them.

Palestine can get freedom if all Muslim countries in the world stand together for their rights. It has become very important for all Muslim leaders to get united on single platform. Palestinian Muslims can only live a peaceful life if Muslims of other world wakes up.

Life in Palestine

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