Paranormal activities in Mosque

Some paranormal activities are noted in one of famous mosque of kasoor region named Rangpur. It is said as this mosque was not built by the human being at that place but it was brought from somewhere with some supernatural powers.

According to some senior citizens who are attached to this mosque from his childhood, they further added as it was brought here by some Jins who got ordered from their spiritual leaders at that time.

According to him, there was a group of five religious people who migrated to this village in early times and one of them gave order to his pupil who was Jin to bring the mosque. So it was not a big task for him and he did it.

So according to that citizen, people were not come in this mosque for years as they had noticed some paranormal activities in this mosque. So after passing time, they decided to rich it with people who would offer prayers in it and it was done.

So, people are still reluctant to come at night to offer Esha prayer as they still frightened as they have noticed some unwanted voice and lights when they come in the mosque at night. So they decided not to come at night.

Jinnon Wali Masjid (Kusoor)

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