Paranormal activity Christian Graveyard in London

Biggest Christian Graveyard in central London has become haunted with ghosts these days. Many British citizens have observed paranormal activity during late hours of night. Getting scared form these activities, many people have stopped going towards the graveyard in the evening.

The biggest Christian Graveyard was formed by the British royals many centuries. It was usually used for the royal burials but later it was opened for public use as well. Many times, British citizens in the past as well have observed the presence of ghosts in that graveyard. However, there was no physical evidence of anyone produced in any of the claim.

It was the first time that the footage of ghost was provided by someone to police in London. The shocking images of ghost were captured at the biggest Christian Graveyard during night by some youngsters. They were on the routine night walk along with the graveyard.

The new of ghost’s presence about the Christian Graveyard spread all over London within days. Many British people become very scared and started avoiding going into the area. However, there was no physical damage to anyone has reported yet. To keep people away from any trouble, police has also increased presence in the area after sun set.

For many people in London, the footage of ghost from the graveyard has become a topic for gossips. Many gossips about the ghosts have started developing in the city. People have started to tell many old stories which they had observed. However, the Christian Graveyard has been permanently marked haunted by the police.

Paranormal Activities in Graveyard

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