Park management complaints to police about couples

Park management does complain to police as they are watching many couples in the park for last many days which are not actually married. According to management, they noticed them for about 3-4 days and they reached to this result as they are not real couples but friends. So they also asked them to go their schools but they behaved arrogantly.

They did not take time and called to Indian police and asked them about the presence of illegal couples. According to management, they think as they are also children of someone and they should not be spoiled and should be informed to their parents. They also requested to police officers to call their parents.

Our new generation has started to cross all limits.  They have started to think themselves very clever and above all which is not good for their future. Once there was a time when children could not move a single step without parents’ permission but the scenario now has been totally changed.

When police asked them about their relations, they had no proper answers. They also had one female lady so that they can coup with any twisted problem. Police also knows very well about new generation. Police lady was dealing with girls.

Some of them were also started to weeping and started to beg as for not telling to their parents. Police behaved very strangely to all them. They did not say anything to all of them but just reminded them as they are going to call their parents. It was enough for all of them and they started to forgive.


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