People Astonished with Strange act of Lady

An Afghan lady living in Australia at the age of 27 had accusation of burning the Quran in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. She was also the student of Islamic literature. When she was asked about the act which she had done she had different opinion on it.

She said it did not happen intentionally as she burnt the garbage and Quranic Verses were in the garbage. She further added as she did not know how Quranic Verses came in garbage. She only put fire to garbage not Quranic verses. She was right in her sayings but no one was admitting.

She further argued them as they would search that person who put these Quranic Verses in the garbage rather than accusing her for blasphemy. However, they were all angry at her and they were not admitting her. Police was also come there to save her from the crowd but she did not go with them.

She asked to police if they want to take me with them they had to come with lady police. Actually they want to take away from that angry crowd which may hurt her badly. However, she could not understand to police logic and sent them back from her home.

When police left her at her home, angry crowd was in her home and drag her out of the home. They started to hit her with stones and clubs. She was alone and helpless. She was badly hurt by numbers of people and they were saying her infidel. In the end, she was also put on fire and she was no more.

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