Why People shocked in London City

People were shocked in London City when they saw one video which was uploaded from India. It was the video of one little girl who was getting mistreated by one old man. It was looking as he was treating her for her disease.

The little girl was looking somewhat abnormal and was not behaving well. She might have some heatstroke problem due to hot weather but old man was treating her with his own special way. How curious it was!

People in London City who saw this video they started to blame the government of India that claims as a world’s biggest democracy but could not provide basic necessitate of life to its nation. In London, people do have to wait when they face problem in medical field.

Ambulance is arrived at their doorstep on single call. They got first class medical treatment in London City. People were also accusing to the people as why they gave their votes to their candidates who do not take attention on social welfare.

People in London City are getting world’s best facilities regarding health issues. They do not face any difficulty in hospital and treated as VIPs. However in the countries of sub continents, the whole matter is reversed. Politicians got first class services and simple citizens have to stay in line.

Ladki Par Bhoot Ka Saya Aur Dhongi Baba

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