Police raids in different parks in India

Police raids in different parks in India to find out couples. According to sources, parks management complaint to police sector as they have noticed too many couples in the park which looks awkward. According to management of parks, they noticed as they were the students from different colleges and schools who come for study but do not go schools.

The management of park also shared some incidents with police officers which are not able to share on board. According to them, they also asked them to go to school and colleges but they did not put attention on their advices. They changed their routes but did not go to schools and colleges. Actually, our young generation is going to be spoiled badly.

When police raids in different parks they find many couples at different corners of the park. They called to all couples and asked them to stand in a queue. They did not hurt to anyone but just asked them to tell the exact legal relation with each other. All couples had no proper answers to tell them.

Some of them were started to weep and requested not to call to their parents. It was also told to police as they should have to call their parents. It was necessary because their parents also had information as what their children were doing in the parks. They sent them in colleges and schools but they came in park every day and enjoyed the party.

Actually the purpose to call to police was just to inform couples’ parents as what they are doing in daylight. It was good from park management as they call to police so that new generation should never be spoiled like this way. Police also applauded to management of park as they were their customer but they did not care of livelihood but they thought about new generation which was on bad path.

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