Politician behaves unethically in Ramadan market

One of famous politician behaves unethically in the Ramada market to check the rates of different edibles pasted by shopkeepers. When he was reached there he was not in his senses according to witness people. He was looked somewhat shaky and was not able to control his body.

He was looking out of control and could not have his balance like normal people. It was found later as he had taken some illegal fluid before coming in Ramadan market. It was very shameful for him and his party as he was coming in the Ramadan market and did not has fast.

People who was with him, they also tried to keep him safe from the approach of media cameras but it became impossible. They were all looked helpless in front media men. He was started to behave like mad people when he saw stalls of flour.

He started to hit to bags of flour which were looked indecent for the watchers. According to him, it was not good quality flour due to which he could not control himself and started to hit to bags. Actually it was not the right way to punish to shopkeepers as there was a legal to punish those elements.

In this way, he became the reason to spread fuss condition in the market and people started leave the market. They took it as there is a big going to be happened here in the Ramadan market. Media covered all the incident and reported to Chief Minister of Punjab.

Non Leagh K MPA Ne Sharab Pi Kar RAmzan Bazar

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