Practical Hilarious act gives horrible consequences

Practical Hilarious Act gives horrible consequences when friends are living in same apartment. According to reports, student was busy to iron his clothes for next interview. He was very happy as it was his first interview after completion his degree. When he was busy to iron clothes, someone started to make Hilarious Act with him. He started to throw little stones at him.

Firstly when he throws stones at him he came out from the room and saw as there was no one out. He took it as his fault and again got busy to iron clothes. After sometimes he again got another little stone on him, he got conscious and again came out from the room but there was no one again.


He also called as who was there were only two friend of him who were sleeping. He again went back and started to iron clothes. Third time again his friend made mischief with him and threw little stone at him. He did not wait for a while and came out with anger. He did not think as he was not the guilty. He put hot iron on the back of his sleeping friend.

Actually he was not the accused one but he had to face big problem. He got up suddenly and started to cry with pain. It was very painful for him as it was too hot. He rushed toward to water and found a little tub of water and sits there. It was a mischief due to which there was a big mistake made by him.

He got irritated with Hilarious Act and he did not think anything else and gave punishment to another person. When it was asked as what he did with him. He said as he took him guilty person so that he made it. The person who was real accused he ran from the room. He knew as he would have heavy punishment if he was captured by his friends.

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