Practical Hilarious Act prohibited in Islam

Practical Hilarious Act is prohibited in Islam due to many reasons. Islam does not allow to its followers to behave with each other like non-Muslims behaves. Actually it is the non Muslim method to make practical Hilarious Act with friends. Non-Muslims do this to disturb their friends for a while.

However, Islam is a religion of truth and tranquility and it does not allow to its followers to create fuss condition anywhere. When people made practical Hilarious Acts, some people are got some trouble and they face some problems. People do it just to create funny environment and nothing else.

Given video also belonged to this subject in which one little boy made practical Hilarious Act with one of his friend to whom he was living. He throws some stone at him when he was busy to iron their clothes for daily routine works. When he came out he found no one and took it was mistake of himself and ignored it.

However, after sometimes, the same thing again happened with him and he got serious in this regard and came out and also asked as who is there. Nobody replied as the real man was hidden below and was not speaking. His main purpose was to upset in which he was succeeding.

In the end he again repeated his practice and he came out with anger. He did not think anything and placed the hot iron on his sleeping friend’s back. He was innocent at all and was not a partner on him in making any mischief. He also remained hospitalized for some days. So, it is the reason as why Islam stops for this as people commit mistakes while making Hilarious Acts.


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