Public captures Madrasa Mulvi for Shameful act

A Madrasa Maulvi has caught doing shameful act with children. He was punished publicly and made example for others. later The maulvi was handed over to the police for further investigations. People living in the area were very much angry and showed their anger punishing Maulvi with their hands.

She got angry and she stared to shout at him. He requested to her to keep quiet but she was not such material to whom he can keep quiet. She started to shout loudly and loudly even the people from nearby gathered there and asked her as why she was shouting.

She told to all of them as that fake peer was misbehaving with her. All people were started to hit him badly. Even the problem was reached to the police station and one police van came to take the fake peer. It was a bitter act of the society which often seen in the religious places only.

She even did not stop to hit him while she had police van near to him. On the other hand, he remained asking him being innocent as why she was hitting me as he did not do anything. She requested to police to put him behind the bar so that other female can be save from him.

Molvi Caught Red Handed 

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