Raheel Sharif Speaks Friendly with politicians first time.

General Raheel Sharif was seen speaking with the political leaders very friendly for the very first time. The army chief was attending a gathering of political and army leadership today in Islamabad.

Again, our government could not seal the deal and have failed to purchase eight F-16 jets from US due to row over finance. The government of Pakistan needed to provide Acceptance Letter for purchasing fighter jets by 24th of May, but according to one of diplomatic sources.

The required document were not issued before the expiry date. It was also announced as the government of Pakistan has decided not to use the fund in this case.

It was told to the sources of some media members. At first, it was told as about $699 million was decided for eight F-16C/D Block-52 and it was also taken decision to pay in partial amount by using the source of US Foreign Military Financing programme.

So, right at the time of deal, congress jumped in the case and disallowed and subside it with this concerns of Haqqani network.

Sartaj Aziz sahab !mind nahi karni just for…

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