Real Ghost spotted fighting with mortuary guard

A paranormal activity at a mortuary in London has proved the existence of real ghost once again. The ghost was found fighting with the security guard at the mortuary corridor. The incident was captured on CCTV and shocked the people watching on Social media.

Paranormal activities were earlier reported as well by another security guard in the same mortuary in London. However, existence of real ghost in the mortuary was never witnessed in real. It was the first time that someone had come face to face with ghosts in such condition.

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The security guard at the mortuary in London had to struggle a lot to save his life from the real ghost. He was only able to escape from the incident with his luck. Otherwise, the ghost had almost taken his life. There was intense battle seen between the two in the CCTV footage.

The security guard and several other fellows in the mortuary in London have resigned from job after the incident. Most of the staff working in the mortuary has scared with the paranormal activity of the real ghost. Many of them have left the job after watching the CCTV footage of the ghost fighting with guard.

The news about the ghost seen at the mortuary in London has also spread a lot of rumors all over England. The security guard has also approached by some media channels but he did not answer any calls from TV channels. The presence of real ghost in the mortuary has created an interesting situation.

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