Real Ghost wrestles with London mortuary guard

A real ghost has spotted wrestling with a mortuary guard in London. The paranormal activity with the security guard was captured in CCTV footage as well. People working in the mortuary have scared with the incident and most of them left the job.

It was noted since long time that there were weird paranormal activities going inside the London mortuary. Especially the security guard on night duty has reported such paranormal activates very often.  Some people who had put bodies of their relatives in the mortuary have also taken them away.

Locking at the events at London mortuary, one can only assume that it was a soul of a body at the mortuary. However, the security guard became victim was very much scared after the incident.  He was not able to express his feeling to the doctors about the real ghost. He was admitted in a medical center for Physio therapy after the incident.

The Security guard has become a Physio patient after he had to save his life from the ghost. The events at the mortuary have spread a lot strange gossips in the people of London city living near the facility. Many people have started moving away from the area as well.

There was not any security guard in the London mortuary to take responsibly of the night duty. The footage of the incident was also shared by someone on social media. However, authorities still have to determine that weather it was a real ghost fighting with ghost or only a physiological problem.

Secuirty Guard

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