Rumors disturb to Chinese groom

Rumors disturb to Chinese groom when he was very near to get another wife in one of Chinese countries. He had some disputes with her previous wife due to which he had to leave her immediately. He was very nice man and worked in bank.

When he had only one day left in his wedding he heard some weird news about himself. He heard as he had started to lay eggs due to which his ex-wife had left him. It was very painful for him and irritating as well. He got silent after hearing it and talked with his friends.

Actually there were some news agencies who were after him when they heard that news. They wanted to break the news as it was really very wonderful news to break. For this purposes they also started to investigate from different people of his whereabouts.

It was also irritating for him as in this way those people were also knowing about the rumors who did not know at all. Then his friends decided to stop all rumors about his friends. They firstly went to that news agencies which were investigating over his news.

They briefly talked with them and asked as there is nothing anything else. They told them as some people spread it knowingly and they wanted to disturb his wedding ceremony. They also gave proof to news agencies as they were his friends from childhood and there is nothing like that. In the end, they said they would definitely take action against them if any problem created because of you.

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