Sentence in the grave recorded by Cam

Sentence in the grave was recorded by camera when one man noticed a big snake on the grave of one man. According to reports, he was going out of his work when he saw very big snake over one grave and it was trying to go inside the grave. He did not wait a second and started to get it out of the hole where it was going to enter.

People were also surprised to see it as it was very unique for them as snake was trying to enter in the grave in reality. All such things were being heard by religious scholars as very big snakes are being waited for wrong people. However, the whole matter was totally reversed as a very big snake was trying to go inside of the grave.

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It was really horrific as when man was trying to get it out from grave, snake was not coming out and it remained in the grave until unless video did not finish. According to religion Islam, people would definitely get sentence and reward whatever they do in this world. According to religion Islam, if they would do good deeded they would be awarded with uncountable blessings.

On the other hand, if people would do wrong they would definitely be sentenced in horrible ways which they never had thought about. According to religious scholars, people would be sentenced by snakes and scorpions which would sting to wrong people until unless Day of Judgment did not come.

Talking about given video in which man was trying to get out to snake but snake was not coming out unfortunately. It was really sad as people were watching horrible scene with their open eyes over that man who was inside the grave. People were also started to talk about the life of that dead man who was in the grave.

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