Shameless efficiency of Police Department in Muzaffargarh

Shameless efficiency of police department came out in Muzaffargarh when culprit took life of one person before them. According to reports, plaintiff was with the police to save his life from the culprits. According to sources, he was facing threats from culprits on daily basis.

He decided to inform police as culprit was continuously threatening him. When he went to police inspector to tell him about the ground realities, he got astonished to see the culprit there. He was just arrived there and was no more due to ruthlessly stoned and shot by culprit.

According to sources, culprit was already sitting with police on which plaintiff had registered complaints on his ruthless behavior. It was amazing for everyone as culprit was with police and plaintiff got treated like culprit. People got annoyed on police on its ruthless behavior. Media was also there and reporting baldy on ordinary performance of police department.

The report was also sent to CCPO Multan by media who was got annoyed to whole management in Muzaffargarh. They called to all responsible and gave order to get culprit as soon as possible. They also passed order to dismiss that inspector who was with the culprit at the time of shot.

CCPO is monitoring the whole incident by his own and getting after every 1 hour. He also promised to heirs as they would arrest to culprit as early as possible for punishment. He further say sorry to heirs for irresponsible behavior for his whole department in Muzaffargarh.

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