Shark attack on man recorded on camera

After concise analysis, it is cleared as probably 70-100 people are attacked by Shark giant annually. 5-15 are included in those people who died after attack worldwide. The word “Probably” is employed because it is looked impossible to report all attacks which are made by sharks around the whole world.  Unfortunately, lack of communication is the biggest cause for not calculating the real statistics.

The information that is collected from developed countries is reduced and not clear in this matter. Occasionally, it did not publish real statistics of death to avoid some bad affect on people who lived sharks living areas. After very brief analysis, it comes to know as rate of deaths due to shark attacks were very high in previous years.


We praise to those institutions that have made possible to provide emergency aid in time. Due to these emergency aids on time the death ratio has been controlled. It was superb medical treatment by special teams that reduces the death rate as well as chance of moralities.

If we see reports that made over decade basis, it comes in our knowledge as the rate of shark attacks were increasing every decade. At that time people were started to go at large level to bath so they had more attacked by giant sharks.

Given footage is providing proof how one man becomes prey of giant shark near seashore as he was playing with his family without any fear. His friends were looking very helpless towards his last departure from this world. Shark attacked at him in one second and took away in the next second from his beloved friends.

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