Shocking Act of Peer With Females Creates Anger in London Public

An astonishing footage of a fake religious peer has speared on the internet from interior since last few weeks. In the footage, a spiritual healer was treating his patients in a much wired way. A middle aged man, posing being very Nobel and follower of religion and Quran was giving treatment to female patients. In his treatment methods, there were several unethical and non-Islamic methods which become objectionable.

It was a very strange way of treating the people by the peer. He was clearly violating the sayings of Quran told by Allah to act upon. Islam never taught anything like that practice for any kind of spiritual healer. Innocent people in the interior Sind and many other parts of the country follow these kinds of fraud people at very large number.

These fraud people get an enormous amount of respect from the people who believe that they are true followers of Islam. People who do not have much knowledge of Quran respect such people with great fervor. They believe their every right and wrong thing.

People also spend a lot of money to please their fake peer who does a lot of things which are against the teachings of Islam and Quran. These people do not have much religious knowledge because of lack of education and proper guidance in the backward areas of the country. Other than losing a lot of wealth to these fraudsters, villagers also suffer in terms of their health.

It is the responsibility of the Preachers, preaching in Masjids in all parts of country to teach people about Islam properly. They should recite the Quran for the people with proper meaning so that people can get a proper knowledge of their religious matters. This is the only way to stop the wrong practices of fake peer mafia in the country.

Shocking Video What Peer Did With Females

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