Sonakhsi Sinha And John Abraham Opinion For Pakistan Actors

Sonakhsi Sinha and Johan Abraham were live in an Indian show where they were giving their views about India and Pakistan high-tension matters. Both of them gave the message that it is better for Pakistani actors not to work in India anymore.

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha showed their hate for Pakistan in the live show which is quite disgusting. They themselves are showbiz stars and instead of playing their role in brining people of bother countries together, they have started spreading hate.

Spreading hatred won’t bring anything positive for bollywood or for India itself. The biased Indian leaders, media persons and celebrities cannot get any advantage by blaming Pakistan in any way whatsoever. Pakistan is no more a tender country and the rulers of India are fully aware of it.

But, Indian government, as usual, started to use cheap methods to spread hatred against Pakistani actors and Pakistan. They have brought their showbiz stars to spread this hatred and these so-called actors and actresses have blindly started doing it.

However, for neutral people of both countries, peace is the only solution that could help both neighbours prosper. But India have already started thinking that it has become a big power, which is far from reality as they cannot leave their biased thinking at any stage.

It is quite predictable that governments try to put pressure on their enemies but the showbiz celebrities usually stay away from politics because they focus on the lighter side of life. However, this time Indian showbiz stars like Abraham and Sonakshi have started sowing the seeds of hatred which will eventually bring its fruit in the most destructive way for both countries.

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