Student is misbehaved in University of South Carolina

Student is misbehaved in University of South Carolina in USA who was in the class and studying when one American police officer started to hurt him badly. He was sat in his class and police officer did not ask for permission to come in from teacher and started to hit him very badly. After sometime, two policemen again came in the class and took him with them.

According to reports he had no serious allegation on him when he was hurt by police office in University of South Carolina. The whole management protest against this action in the vicinity of University which should be told to management at any cost. He was fully disturbed how they were searching him when he was in the cell.

They even did not notice as he was student and they would have noticed some things to tackle with students. However, it was completed and they again asked him to sit down in the cell calmly. It was all being watched by CCTV camera as what they were doing with the boy .

However, in the morning some footage of student also published which was really unbelievable. He was tortured by policemen without telling him any reason. It was obviously out of order and against the laws especially in USA. He had many bruises on his face as you can see in the given video.

Talking about USA, there are about 42,000 people have lost their lives during investigation astonishingly only in the state of Texas. It is really horribly statistics for the management of USA. These statistics were made by some NGO when Sandra Bland, a African American female was slain in the cell during investigation.

Security Officer Flipping Student 

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