Tiger Attack Villagers in India

It was one of the greatest batting performances of Muhammad Amair and Saeed Ajmal Seen. Both players won the match for pakistan batting and making a record partnership for the 10th wicket. Amir scored 73 runs and went not out winning the match for Pakistan.

A group of eagle hunters was stuck into trouble at Wildlife Park while hunting birds. The hunters were attacked suddenly by the bird when they were trying to take children from its nest. One of the hunters has reported receiving serious marks on face and skull. He was sent to a medical center in London for medical attention immediately.

Wildlife Park in outskirts of London was set up to save many endangered animals and birds from the illegal hunting. Illegal hunting of birds and animals has increased all around the world drastically. Especially the race of white eagle was in serious danger in Europe. Eagle hunters of this white bird were damaging its race dangerously.

Eagle hunters all over the world were banned from hunting the white bird because it was getting very rare. Almost every Wildlife Park in the world started taking emergency measures to increase white eagle to save them. An organization in London was especially involved in activities all over the world.

The organization in London also designed special assignments to track the eagle hunters and stop illegal hunting. However, some people not having care for the nature are very often caught at Wildlife Park trying to hunt these endangered species.

Some birds lovers in Arab countries pays huge amount for the white eagle. However, the awareness programs by the bird rights organization has helped a lot to stop Eagle hunting at any wildlife Park. The eagle hunters getting in trouble in London were also finned for trying to catch the birds illegally. Eagle Attacks on Human.

Tiger Attacked by Village Mob

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