True picture of our current politicians

One of sitting government MPA was found in market behaving in unethical ways with the people. According to people who were there they told to media as he was not in his sense as he was falling here and there. Some people also told straightforwardly as he had taken some illegal fluid and started to speak loudly in the main market.

He was also forbidden by his men who were with him. They tried to put him in the vehicle when they got his health situation. They also said sorry to some of people to whom he misbehaved just to save from media. On the other hand, MPA was getting bitter in every coming second and was going out of control.


People were started to scold to him as they were come there with their families for shopping of Eid. They also started to complaint with media about these people who got party tickets and then started to behave like unethically. They forced to media to cover such events in which people of governments found to be misbehaved at different places.

According to people, politicians are taken as representative of the people from where they win the elections. People also choose to those ones so that they can resolve the problems of the people of their own territory. However, here the whole matter was seemed to be reversed. Politicians themselves need to be punished severely.

It was the MPA named Raja Awais Khalid who was found to be involved in fuss in the Ramadan Bazar. Actually people came there with their families to get edibles at economic rates but they found another issue when they reached in the bazaar in the shape of Raja Awais Khalid. Media covered the whole incident and also showed to party members of Raja Awais Khalid.

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