Unbelievable grave yard of vehicles in Belgium

Several hundred cars were discovered in forest of Belgium that kept there for 70 years due to bad traffic jam. These cars left alone by the American Soldiers in mid of Europe on their return to home after the World War II. The very small village in Belgium gained a very historical importance because of its unique seventy-year old traffic jam.

Tourists with antique car lovers were used to visit that place off and on until 2010. The big car wreckage was removed from forest in 2010. When the vehicles were removed, the hunted graveyard which had had importance too much then it became a part of books and video footage.

Video: http://khabartaiz.com/yGpjq

Since Belgium is very historical country situation among in Europe. Millions of tourists want to visit the country every year. It also happened to the one of the most desirable destinations for many tourists. The historical city in this country has to face many problems throughout the year due to traffic jam and became the reason of transport shortages.

Tourism is one of the biggest income sources of the county. To overcome the problems of traffic jam and transport also, the government of Belgium has made many developments. The tourism department with the collaboration of transport has made train network which covers all parts of country and also connects to main cities with rest of Europe.

With new train, the tourists who belong to whole Europe would travel very easily to the country. The traffic congestion problems between the peak hours would also come under control in Belgium.


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