US Army Covert Operation in Pakistan

How most wanted person was died by US attack, is still mystery for many countries including Pakistan. It is reality as he was slain in the earth of Pakistan whose management did not know about that wanted person. It was that person who had declared fight against United States of American due to its atrocities on Muslim countries.

That personality was belonged to Saudi Arabia and KSA itself disowned him after hearing his declaration of fight against USA. He started to manipulate many things against USA by different means. According to history, firstly US used that personality against Russia for their own purpose when they used him for their purpose they declared him as a most wanted personality in the whole world.

It is also famous about United State management as the firstly use to persons when they are used by them they either expire them or declared them as wanted personalities. There are numbers of cases which support this logic. They support that personality against Russian when Russia attacked on Afghanistan and also supported him a lot to devastate Russia.

When they got as Russia has been completely devastated they stated to shrink from that personality which was paining for him. Then he declared himself as a big enemy of United States of America. In 2002, after having incident of 9/11, Americans blamed it as it was done by that most wanted personality and in this context they attacked over Afghanistan.

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They are fighting there for last 15-16 years and they also have got the head of that most wanted personality. They got him from the territory of Pakistan named Abbottabad without getting permission from Pakistani Authorities. They attacked at compound on the reports of their secrete services but they do not show any picture of that wanted personality to the whole world.

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