Valley of miracles in Saudi Arabia

31Saudi Arabia is included in those regions where Prophets of Allah used to come off and on. All
Golf Countries are blessed with Prophets of Allah in different eras including the earth of Palestine. So, the Valleys of Prophets is also renowned for miracles which were happened in the ages of Prophets. The Holy Quran itself tells about different miracles of Prophets in this specific era of the world.

Given video is also about the miracle in which boy is falling water on the road which is going to be dry in few seconds. The whole road is very fine and has no cracks in it but water is still going down which is overwhelming. Those boys also made video of that incident and uploaded on internet portals. This video also has got too many views in minimum times and made a record about its viewership.

There also many other spots regarding miracles of Allah and Prophets where Muslims like to go. Every single Muslim who goes in Madia and Makkah to perform Hajj, he thinks it compulsory to watch all those places that are attributed with Prophets. People take it as sign of goodness to watch such places when they go there in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, the government of Saudi Arabia also provides maximum facilities to those people who come there to see those shrines and places of Prophets. It does not stick with the government of Saudi Arabia; people also go in other golf countries like Iran, Iraq, Damascus, Syria and other related countries to have views of shrines of Prophets.

There are also many other miracles in these countries as water is going down without any logic, there are also one place present in Saudi Arabia where vehicle is started to move without any effort. It can move without start to engine at the speed of 80 Km/h. It is also analyzed by some scientists who were amazed after experiment.

wadi-e-jin-saudi arabia magic of water

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