Video leaves stunned to people in London City

People were stunned in London City after watching this video in which one old man was treating to girl. In this world of internet, the whole world has become global village. It has become impossible to hide something from the people. Even things can be shared from one continent to another in seconds. People can have their contacts from one country to another by using the pace of internet.

Given video is the real example of it when people in London City watched this video they were amazed and surprised. According to them how is it possible to cure one little girl by illiterate old man. They protested against the parents of the little girl as they had no right to allow to that old man to tough the little girl.

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According to them, she has definitely had severe mental disorder and she is being treated by simple water. They also started to criticize to government of Indian which is not sincere for its citizens. They criticize the policies of the government which should be turned to basic necessities. In London, people get first class medical treatment in London Hospitals.

People in London City can fight for their rights especially when it talks about health issues. They have zero tolerance in this matter. After watching the situation of little girl, they were stunned and started to think about the ignorance of the people who are living there in India. They select to their politicians for the welfare of their people but they do not care after getting high seats.

In London City, nobody can handle medical treatment which is not subscribed for this. Even people are not allowed to enter in the London Hospitals for meeting purposes to their patients. However, the present condition of little was really petty and difficult to see.

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