Villagers in Airplane becomes a mess

One villager becomes the laughing stuff of all the passengers in airplane. Who are sat with him and enjoying the whole condition. His condition is showing as he sat for the first time in an air jet. He did not know how airplane fly and how it will take tilt to move upward. He was totally ignorant from all of it.

When airplane started to run on its specific runway he started to cry like a child. The passengers who were sat near to him also try to give him console as there is nothing going bad to you but he did not stop to cry. At the time of tilt to upward, he had very special voice for their watchers and some passengers were enjoying the situation and some were disturbing a lot.

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Actually, the people of sub-continent especially and from all the Asia commonly send their children to abroad to earn money. They definitely did not have mush resources to earn money if they want to live life happily and with all needs of life. They take risk by sending their beloved ones to abroad. Similarly they have no information about air travel and airplane.

Those people are mostly found very simple and plain as they know nothing about the outer world although they get clever after spending 2-3 years but that specific time they are innocent.

They become laughing stuff most of time while living in abroad and do not has anything to say to anyone. Mostly villagers do not know the language of other countries. They spend their time in hardships out of their homes. Travelling in airplane for a villager however always remains a mess.


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