Weak faith leads to Loss of child

It is very true story of one Muslim family from Karachi where two brothers were living happily but no faith. Elder brother had no child while he had been married since nine years ago. On the other hand, younger brother had one son. Both brothers were living happily without any cause.

One day elder brother comes home with his wife and started to shout. His younger brother comes to him asks him why he is shouting. He told his younger brother as he is very near when he would also have his own son. The whole family feels very well after hearing this news.

After passing some days, the wife of the big brother feels pain in his belly and she is shifted to hospital. When doctor came out from the theatre, she comes with bad news for all of them. She informed them as they could not save their baby but mother was safe.

When big brother heard it he fell down badly. So after some days, all family members became normal. One day the mother of the big wife came to her and started to traduce against her sister in law. First she stopped her mother to speak like but she was trapped by her mother. She took her daughter to a weak peer.

Weak peer asked her to slay her big brother’s son if she wants to have children. After insisting she accepts to do and she did. When police investigated her she accepted as she has become blind to get her own children. Due to this blindness she becomes slayer of one innocent child.

Weak Faith Leads to Child Loss


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